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Most of our projects start at a minimum of 1980 + vat.
The exception is if they form part of a bigger project – you can find a more detailed list below.

All pricing shown below includes our design service, construction & installation of furniture. 
Complete peace of mind comes as standard with all hardware & hinges coming with a lifetime warranty.

Luxury commissions

If you are enquiring about Luxury one-off commissions, in particular: Exotic materials, custom made handles and metalwork or high gloss finishing, we would recommend booking a call so we can discuss the project in more detail before deciding on a budget.

If you are interested in custom designed & made handles and hardware for a completely personalised look you can send details to us here.


The first option includes choosing from a selection of coloured & textured decors.

In keeping with a contemporary / minimalist look, usually handles less- push to open doors.

Starting at 2350 + vat for a double door with hanging space 

A double door wardrobe with a specialist door design, sprayed finish externals with oak veneer cabinets starts at 3530 + vat.

8 doors start at 6350 + vat with hanging space and minimalist design, handle less doors.

8 doors with shaker style doors, sprayed finish external joinery & drawers starts at 8930 + vat.

Small Dressing rooms start at 5350 + vat.

Large Dressing rooms start at 9550 + vat.

Premium options include:

  • Fabric
  • Brass & gold inlay details
  • Jewellery & Watch organisation

Angled rooms- There will be additional considerations when we have to include angled furniture & doors.

Media Walls

We offer a truly bespoke media wall collection, designed from scratch to suit your living space – leaving you to choose the style, functionality, material options, and any extra accessories.

Our minimalist, contemporary cabinets with slatted details start at 3450 + vat.

Shaker style cabinets & bookcases with a sprayed finish start at 7750 + vat.

Finally our more luxurious, highly detailed or extra large media walls start at 12450 + vat.


One of the most popular choices with our clients – Alcoves are the perfect candidate for fitted bespoke furniture and come in a wide range of designs & finishes.

We have been specialising in alcove furniture for years and have created a seamless and stress-free process from design to installation- The following applies to alcoves from 80cm – 1100cm wide:

Floating shelves with contemporary, handle less doors start at 1900 + vat per alcove.
Shaker style alcove cupboards with bookcases or floating shelves above start at 2100 + vat per alcove.

Larger alcoves with traditional style cupboards, lighting and integrated TVs & Media start at 2950 + vat per alcove.

Home offices

We will create your perfect office space to make working from home a delight, de clutter with smart cable management while also elevating your productivity with elegant integrated shelving and lighting.

Desks & drawers start at 2730 + vat.

Larger spaces with wall to wall bookcases, drawers & integrated desks starting from 5350 + vat.

Under stair & Angled Storage

Bespoke furniture is the perfect choice for under stairs and awkward angled spaces as you can completely maximise the amount of storage.- we use specialist heavy duty hardware to make sure each drawer can take the weight necessary to cope to cope with mountains of shoes, bags or boxes and still work beautifully.

If you can choose a colour or texture from our standard decor range then:

Most 2 door or drawer push to open designs start at 3150 + vat

Large 3 – 5 door storage with heavy duty pull out drawers and shelving starts start at 4830 + vat

With shaker style doors or traditional profile and beaded doors this adds approximately 10-15% to the price

If you would like a spray finished exterior doors and joinery in a colour of your choice then it adds approximately 25% to the total price

Bookcases & Libraries

Bookcases & display cabinets are a fantastic opportunity to add style and functionality to a room, you have the option of endless shelves to display books, ornaments or take it to the next level with a complete library wall or room.

Bookcases along a wall start at 2350 + vat for a contemporary design made from a decor board, with larger walls starting at 4450 + vat.

The addition of real wood ladders & rails. They start at 9450 + vat.

Library rooms with real wood & veneer real starting at 21350 + vat.

Add a Personal Touch: Extra features

LED lights: 

We will supply and install all the lighting for the furniture to ensure there are no delays and everything runs smoothly 

Spotless lighting used to give a seamless glow across the furniture.

Controlled via remote or door sensors.

Starts from 40 + vat per metre and generally adds 10-15% to the total price.

Our LED lighting options are adaptable to suit any mood, style, and occasion – ranging from a soft, warm glow to a vibrant, colour-changing show which is perfect for parties and celebrations.

Sprayed finish:
Our most popular choice , the furniture is made from high density timber & paint grade materials before we spray finish in a colour of your choice.

The result is an absolutely flawless, durable finish and adds anywhere from 25% & 30% to the base price.

Mirrors & Glass 

Consider glass & mirrors if you are looking to add a feature or bounce more light around the room. Starting at 115 + vat.

Other additional options include:

  • Brass & Gold inlays. From: 295 + vat
  • Smart home & wireless charging integration: From 330 + vat
  • Safes & integrated security: From 245 + vat

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