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Media Walls

Bespoke Media Walls

Welcome to Aspects Bespoke, an established luxury furniture company based in Windsor – if you’re looking for media wall and fitted furniture specialists in Berkshire & Surrey, you’ve come to the right place! We reimagine home entertainment and storage solutions. Our custom media walls are intended for people who prioritise quality furnishings, as all our furniture is made from superior materials and has an excellent finish.

We offer a truly bespoke media wall design, designed from scratch to suit your living space – leaving you to choose the style, functionality, material options, and any extra media wall accessories. This will result in a unique and highly functional storage solution that doubles as a statement piece of furniture to be proud of. Make a statement and be the envy of all your family & friends when they visit your house and see the quality of your new media wall unit!

What is a Media Wall?

Media wall units are a stylish and practical alternative to classic TV cabinets – offering functional storage and a range of styles and designs to suit any home. Common options are:

  • Media wall with integrated fires/fireplaces
  • Wall-mounted media wall
  • Media wall for TV & gaming
  • Media & TV furniture for alcoves
  • Media wall with cupboards / shelves
  • Room divider media walls
  • Minimalist floating media walls

Media walls are particularly popular for living spaces & living rooms but are also a great addition to any bedroom or home office as they come in a range of shapes and sizes and offer a great all-in-one entertainment centre solution. You can store anything on your media wall alongside your media devices, from books and to ornaments and family photos.

We can design your media wall to house anything you wish meaning they are the ultimate in functionality while making a beautiful feature in your home, the next step is for you to choose the style you like.

Media Wall Styles

Our unique media walls are more than just stylish furniture; they can also feature practical and functional cupboards, drawers, and shelves, custom-built around your TV. Designed to house your audio, video, and gaming equipment in a neat and organised manner – your entertainment setup will be fully transformed by our media wall units. Say goodbye to tangled wires and unsightly cables and say hello to carefully constructed hidden storage compartments and high-quality shelving. We happily offer any style of media unit and can even design it so that it matches the rest of the décor in your room or house. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we love bringing customer’s ideas and designs to life using high-quality craftsmanship and materials.

Luxury Furniture

At Aspects Bespoke, we believe in crafting furniture that will last a lifetime – this is not generic low-cost flat-pack furniture – it’s handcrafted, made-to-order in our Windsor furniture workshop, and complete with a professional installation so that it is transported and constructed carefully in your home environment.

Our one-of-a-kind media units are built from real wood and high-density timber board, a premium, cutting-edge material that ensures your furniture’s lifespan and durability. We use a number of trusted suppliers & companies to make sure the materials we use are the perfect foundation for long lasting and beautifully executed media wall.

Our most popular finishing option, the spray finish, takes the look and appeal of your media unit to the next level. We are able to colour match from any of the popular paint brands with the option to even match existing fabric or decoration in the room.

Your media wall will serve as a focal point of the room and your lounge will be transformed into a luxurious living space. We also have other finishing options depending on your price point, which are highly attractive, easy to clean, and built to last.

Add a Personal Touch

What distinguishes our media walls from the rest, is the ability for you to personalise them. We recognise that your living environment showcases your personality and personal taste, but that it also needs to be practical and offer solutions to everyday problems. We offer a variety of add-ons, so that can turn your media wall packages into one-of-a-kind masterpieces depending on your budget.

LED lights: 

Integrated LED lights give a bright aesthetic appeal to your media unit and will create furniture that sets the mood setting the tone during cosy nights in, parties & winter evenings

Our LED lighting options are adaptable to suit any mood, style, and occasion – ranging from a soft, warm glow to a vibrant, colour-changing show which is perfect for parties and celebrations.


Enhance and increase the sense of space in your room by incorporating mirrors into your media wall design. Mirrors make your room appear larger, reflecting light from available sources and adding a touch of glamour and elegance. Choose from various mirror finishes to suit your style, from antique to contemporary.

Fabric & Wallpaper:

Elevate the media wall to the epitome of luxury. Add feature wallpaper to the doors & backs. Fabric lined drawers and accent panels add elegance and warmth to your furniture

Glass Backs: 

Consider glass backs if you are looking to add a modern and sleek feature to your media unit. This option lets you showcase your media equipment while maintaining a clean, minimalist look – easy to clean and leaving a brilliant bright finish. The reflective properties of glass can also enhance the visual appeal of your living space.

The additional options don’t end there, with brass & gold inlays, smart home integration and unique secret doors to choose from!

How to choose the right media wall

At Aspects Bespoke, we take pride in providing customised solutions to meet your specific requirements. We will arrange a time to discuss your needs, listen to your ideas, ensure we have all the information we need, and then we can offer practical solutions that are right for your budget. Media wall design is an art, and we really can turn your ideas into reality, your high-quality furniture will be everything you want and more!

Media units are a very worthwhile investment due to the fact they are practical, long-lasting statement furniture. Custom furniture that is built for your house will always be a better solution than cheap, mass-produced furniture and you have complete peace of mind knowing that we as the specialists do all the work leaving you to enjoy your new media wall.

A media wall installation by Aspects Bespoke is the perfect furniture solution for small spaces or larger areas – we provide the best media walls to creatively fit the space available and serve the purpose intended.

Whether you desire the opulent elegance of a media wall with a spray finish or the practicality of coloured decors, our skilled craftsmen will bring your vision to life – designing fitted furniture that meets all your practical needs and makes the most of the space available. Your media wall will reflect your style and personality and can be tailored to match the rest of the furniture within your chosen room. Enhance and improve your living space with a media wall that ticks all your boxes while adding a touch of sophistication.

How much does a media wall unit cost?

Our media walls are completely bespoke and so each will vary depending on the final specification but we can give some guide prices based upon previous projects:

Our minimalist, contemporary cabinets with slatted details start at £3450. Shaker style cabinets & bookcases with a sprayed finish start at £7750

Finally our more luxurious, highly detailed media walls including brass/gold inlays, glass & fabrics start at £12450.

If you would prefer an approximate price per linear metre then they start at £1550 and go to £2250 per metre dependant on how many features are included.

The best way for you to receive an accurate price for your home is to use the enquiry form here and send us images of your space with rough measurements and inspiration pictures.

Large media wall - built-in cupboards and tv unit
Large media wall – built-in cupboards and tv unit – blue media unit in windsor

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